Friday, January 9, 2009

im "it"

Amanda Jo tagged me! im suppose to tell you 7 things you may not know about me.

#1 im unimpressed by any "holiday" that doesnt have an assigned meal this includes but may not be limited to valentines day, presidents day, MLK day, columbus day, and groundhog day. the food makes the holiday in my book.

#2 im growing my hair to donate to locks of love. by spring i should be well past the requisite 10 inches.

#3 i love vacationing with only my mom. we always have fun and one of us WILL do something hilariously embarrassing before the trip is over.

#4 i know how to throw a party. i dont do it often because its alot of work, but when i do it will be a good one. maybe not crazy elaborate but definately fun and good food.

#5 im scared to death of a jumbo insect the floridians call them palmetto bugs, texans call them water roaches. i once had one crawl up my leg in the shower. i was going to google and post a pic of one but i dont want to see the picture. you google it if you want to see that nasty thing.

#6 i love scrabble.

#7 i tried out for the high school variety show tap dancing team in 10th grade, i didnt make it.

ok the ones i will tag for this game are..... ok i just want to admit here, i have a petty small blog circle i suspect a couple of lurkers but really, i have already tagged you all at some point, i dont find tagging annoying but i dont know, maybe some of you do. 

if you just read this, consider yourself tagged.


diana said...

i'm going to accept that tag.

Kelly said...

the food does make the holiday, most of the time. ;) though to be honest, I accept any holiday that PJ gets off from work. ;)

Amanda Jo said...

Wait...wait. You don't cook for Columbos Day?! That's just, unAmerican. (i kid)


Ms. Math said...

I agree with you about the food making a holiday! Holidays should involve big meals, long naps - all that good stuff.

I googled the water roach. Yuck! That thing is so disgusting! I'm glad those creepy bugs don't survive up here!