Thursday, January 29, 2009

snow day

we had our first real snow of the season for the last 2 days, tuesday it snowed then iced then wednesday it snowed some more. my shoulder muscles are a little sore from shoveling.

this is taken standing at the end of my driveway looking up toward clifty drive
this is my neighbors window, i got inspired by megan to make some color/saturation/contrast adjustments, but i think i need some more practice.


Kelly said...

We've been getting this ALL week. UGH!!! I will post our snow pix in just a bit.
Enjoy the snow day. They are fun at first, but get old, quick. ;)

Ms. Math said...

What pretty photos!! Even though we have brutally cold winters with lots of snow, I am quite thankful that we don't get the ice storms.

Tricia said...

Those ice covered trees are gorgeous, what a beautiful photo! said...

the snow is so pretty!!