Saturday, January 24, 2009

the goods

this is what i got at goodwill last week, the vase which i paid A DOLLAR for found its home on my dresser to hold my comb and brush for the winter until it can fulfill its real purpose when my irises bloom.

this fabric, 3 yards for 75 cents, i couldnt pass that up, this is becoming farmers market bags for me and maybe some lucky blogfriends.
this is not from goodwill, this is our k-5 sunday school  project from last week , i love a sunday school project that you can eat. we filled this cup with poly fill batting filled it with water and covered the top with legumes, from the grocery store and 5 days later voila, bean sprouts theyre twice as tall today (this picture was taken yesterday)


Tricia said...

I have that eiffel tower lamp. Meg bought it for me nearly ten years ago. She kenw how bad I wanted it and saved up her allowance to surprise me. She does a lot of sweet things like that.

Ms. Math said...

Great finds! I like the fabric - very fun!